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Covering How to Mount Your Boat Accessories, the Scoop on RAILBLAZA Products And More

Wondering which RAILBLAZA products work best with your favourite boat accessories? Need to know the best way to attach your mounts? Have questions about battery life? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered our most common customer questions here, in one convenient spot.

Not sure which StarPort mount is best for you? In this page, we break down the different options and where they fit in to help you decide which is best for your needs. Which RAILBLAZA Mounting Base Is Right For You HERE
Not sure which RAILBLAZA fishfinder mount is best for your fishfinder? We have created a diagram that will make that choice very easy for you. View the diagram and find links to products HERE
We broke some stuff in the University materials lab to find out, have a look HERE

Then we thought, because of the diversity of our mounts people use them in so many different ways, so we need a disclaimer that says it is impossible for us to say what the maximum loads are that can be applied in any given situation, but we have published some safe maximum static loads HERE.

The maximum load in your situation may be much less than the maximum static load quoted on this sheet.
RAILBLAZA has a variety of camera mounting options, and apart from the standard range we offer, many people are customising our system to fit their needs. The four standard mounts available are:
The i360 and iPS lights use 3 x AA batteries. When used on maximum brightness batteries will last from 14 to 25 hours, with up to 125 hours on lower lighting modes!
The mount you use will depend on where you need the rod holder to be situated. While thousands of standard StarPorts around the world are holding rod holders for trolling, the StarPort HD, with four fixing points, and a larger footprint, will apply less stress to the deck, and provide for less flex.
The MiniPort TracMount is a light duty mount for use with deck mounted tracks from RAILBLAZA, YakAttack, Wilderness Systems, Native Watercraft and many others.

It can be inserted and tightened in place simply by turning the MiniPort, and then removed by turning the other way.
The RIBPort and QuikPort is made from high quality, non-leaching PVC for long life. This material will successfully bond to both Hypalon and PVC inflatable tubes.
In this blog we will share a few user guides to help you get the best from your new C-Tug Cart. The C-Tug Cart design features make it the most versatile all-round cart for all kayak and canoe hulls. FAQ’s featured in this blog are:
  • How to find the best position for the C-Tug on your hull
  • How to protect your C-Tug kickstand from damage
  • How to strap your C-Tug to avoid from slipping
  • The easiest way to get over objects with your C-Tug
  • How to separate your C-Tug crossbeams
  • How to lock your C-Tug wheels on.
  • How to fit your C-Tug straps
Find out more HERE

“I can’t get my C-Tug cross beams apart!”

We don’t hear this often, but here’s a little advice if you’re a bit stuck. Separating your C-Tug canoe & kayak cart cross beams is a simple process once you have been shown how.  It is simply a matter of removing wheels and pads – Hold wheel axles – apply forward pressure with the knee at the same time as pulling on the axles – cross beams will separate.

A couple of things to note as to why the cross beams may be hard to separate.

If your kickstand has not been aligned correctly the beams may jam which will require more force to release them. To avoid this simply make sure the kickstand locator is engaged in its position before joining the cross beams.

There may be a build-up of sand, salt or dust between them that makes them hard to separate.

When new your C-Tug cross beams may need to be joined and separated a few times to release more freely. In the case where they are a little tight or jammed simply use a solid object like a fence, kayak, tree etc this will allow you to apply more pressure to release them.

Watch the short demonstration video and further instructions HERE

Many RAILBLAZA stars are made from plastics which are dimensionally stable, but the high strength required in a rod holder base requires nylon plastic, which when left in a wet environment will absorb water and expand. Tips for this are;
  • Always remove your accessory from the StarPort when you are finished using it and store in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • If it has been exposed to moisture for a long period, and is tight, store it in a warm, dry environment for a time to allow it to dry, this may take a few weeks in extreme cases
It is well known that petroleum-based lubricants will attack some plastics, the locking slide is polycarbonate plastic, and will be destroyed by these solvents and lubricants, silicon-based lubricants are safe, but the hydrocarbon propellants in spray cans will also damage the plastic, so only use synthetic lubricants in a non-pressurised container.
The RIBPort and QuikPort is made from high quality, non-leaching PVC for long life. This material will successfully bond to both Hypalon and PVC inflatable tubes.
If the wheels have fallen off your C-Tug Canoe & Kayak Cart then its because the toggle locks that hold the wheels on the axles have not been locked. Easy fix “make it click” watch the short demonstration HERE
While the StarPort HD is interchangeable with Scotty, RAM, Attwood, Fish-on and many others as it has the same hole pattern as these bases, only the StarPort HD has the unique styling, low profile and locking slide of a RAILBLAZA mount. This means it is less likely to get in your way, and looks better when fitted.
Most stand up assist bars are 1 inch tube, so the RailMount 19-25 is the best fit for this application.
For all Hobie Kayak H-Rail installations the RAILBLAZA RailMount 32-41 is the perfect fit, supplied with rubber anti slip inserts and all stainless hardware required for installation. No drilling required, simply install with a screwdriver. See the RailMount 32-41 HERE.
The RailMount 32-41 is designed to fit easily to your Hobie AKA arms on the Adventure Island and Tandem Island. Supplied with all you need to simply install using a screwdriver. See the RailMount 32-41 HERE.
The RAILBLAZA StarPort comes with all the stainless steel fasteners you need to mount it to many surfaces. It also comes with a surface mount collar. Depending on where you want your StarPort, you can either recess mount it so it stands only 17mm (0.6”) high, or you can surface mount it by drilling 2 screw holes. For more information, specifications, drawings and installation videos see the StarPort page.
The RAILBLAZA Rod Holder II is suitable for spinning reels, bait casting reels, boat reels and fly reels. Basically, it will hold any fishing rod/pole with a diameter less than 37mm (1.45″). The rotating collar allows you to secure the reel, giving an extra level of security.
Firstly for RIBPort & QuikPort we recommend using 3M VHB self-adhesive pads which comes with them as the easiest way to get a RIBPort or QuikPort fixed to your inflatable surface assuming it has little curvature.
Alternatively for areas with more curvature you could visit a professional service centre, or glue them. Many retailers sell patch kits or adhesive for use on both Hypalon and PVC tubes, some are listed here;

In the USA West Marine have a glue ex stock for these see the links:

In NZ see Burnsco Marine for a suitable kit HERE

In Australia
see Whitworths Marine have a glue ex stock for these see the links:

Also see Marine Trade Supplies, use the links:

For all other countries please email us your request and we will point you to a local supplier HERE

How to fit Humminbird Helix G2 transducer to RAILBLAZA Kayak & Dinghy Transducer Arm XL or Kayak & Canoe Sounder & Transducer Mounts.  Whilst this installation is mostly straight forward it does require some small modifications to the cheek mount adaptor in your RAILBLAZA kit due to the contour of the transducer, this will allow the bolt holes to line up. Watch the video guide HERE
This guide is designed to be used with either the RAILBLAZA Kayak & Dinghy Transducer Arm XL or Kayak & Canoe Sounder & Transducer Mounts. Whilst most transducers fittings are straight forward there are a couple of  Fishfinder models that require some modification – Watch the full video guide HERE
Whilst this installation is mostly straight forward for the Garmin Striker 4CV, installation of the Garmin Striker 4 does require a small modification to the cheek mount adaptor in your RAILBLAZA kit due to the contour of the transducer, allowing the bolt holes to line up. Watch the Video to see how this is done HERE
This is an uncommon issue, but some boats are cleaned with a silicone-based cleaner which will affect the bonding ability of the VHB Pad.
We would suggest using a more aggressive cleaner that will still be fine to use on your boat, the preferred method is using a 3M Primer 94 Pen or alternatively using MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone).
We have created a step by step video guide on how to correctly lock your wheel to the fork and axle of the C-Tug Dinghy Wheel.
Two important points to note:
  • 1 – Apply forward pressure with the screwdriver while turning which will engage the lock very easily.
  • 2 – Holding the fork firmly and even pulling slightly against the forward pressure of the screwdriver will make this even easier to lock the axle.

Watch the video HERE