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Q&A With RAILBLAZA Pro Bradley Roy

October 01th, 2023 | Jason Milne

Bradley Roy, RAILBLAZA ambassador from Lancaster, Kentucky, fishes Major League Fishing’s Bass Pro Tour. He’s only 32 years old but has already amassed $918,176 in career tour earnings. He films daily on the water during competition and has some insights to share. We sat down with him for a Q&A session. 

What camera setup do you use on your boat while on the water? 

I use a GoPro Hero 9 mounted on a RAILBLAZA Camera Boom 600 affixed with an E Series USB StarPort to the stern of my boat. 

I absolutely love it. The versatility of the Boomstick allows me to adjust the camera angles while fishing to capture different moments and viewpoints. It’s also hassle-free; I can set it up, turn it on, and fish all day without thinking about it or worrying about my GoPro dying midday. A 256MB SD card filming in HD will run well past the end of fishing time with plenty to spare. 

How do you use the footage that you capture when you are out fishing?  

I use it a couple of different ways; one is for social media. It helps me get more content for my fans and sponsors, which has been great. I can also go back and review the footage during or after I finish a tournament. In the heat of the moment, I may not notice what triggered a bite or a change in conditions, among other things. Recording allows me to go back and see what triggered a bite so I can bring that into the next day and try to capitalize on it.   

Does Major League Fishing require anglers to film during competition? 

Yes, and I’m glad they do. The rule is in place to help fight rule infractions. If there’s ever an accusation of a rule infraction, MLF can go back and review the footage. We have a boat official in the boat at all times, but having a camera rolling helps cover MLF’s bases in case there isn’t a live cameraman in the boat filming for the broadcast to ensure that all rules are being followed.   

A critical part of being an angler is producing content.  How have you seen your content benefit or change since you’ve started recording yourself?  

Not missing content is the biggest thing. You never know when you’re going to get a big topwater blowup or catch your personal best fish or when something just crazy happens. Capturing those wow moments on video brings content to a new level.   

Has anything surprised you about your fishing techniques you didn’t realize until you began filming yourself? 

Ha-ha, actually, yes. I discovered that I set the hook really quickly. I always thought it was normal. This is key, though, and is why I love recording while I’m out on the water. I now know that there are times I can back off and give the fish some time to eat the bait before I set the hook. Therefore giving me a better hook-up ratio and bringing in more fish.     

What other Railblaza products do you run on your boat? 

I love the Mobi Device Holder for my cell phone and the ScreenGrabba R-Lock Tablet Holder. I often use those devices for map study, and they help me find fish. They have to be secure and available in a convenient way. 

I also use those two products and a Tackle Caddy in my aluminum boat. Aluminum boats don’t always have the best storage systems, so the Tackle Caddy is a must.  

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