Rod Holder R

Part Number: 02-4082-11

Don’t let bad weather keep you from the perfect catch. Our new Rod Holder R is made with rugged fibreglass-reinforced plastic and stainless steel hardware so you can have peace of mind when fishing in any weather. Compatible with spinning, baitcaster, and fly reels, your rod won’t take a tumble on your next fishing trip.

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Rod Holder R

Product Specifications

This is the little brother to the Rod Holder II. Designed to hold fishing rods with spinning, baitcaster, or fly reels.

The Rod Holder R is a light-duty rod holder suitable for fresh water and inshore fishing, not trolling for large fish. It will fit into any RAILBLAZA mounting port. The stretchable strap at the front of the holder will wrap around the top for baitcaster and fly reels and round the bottom for spinning reels, keeping your rod and reel safe.

Molded-in rugged fibreglass-reinforced plastic, with stainless steel fasteners, it will fit any vessel.

You can buy it as a kit with the very popular StarPort HD, allowing it to fit the footprint of many other popular mounts on the market, or by itself, so you can use any other RAILBLAZA mounting port. When finished fishing for the day, remove from StarPort and stow in dry place, do not store wet.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you tether your fishing rod to the boat while in use. Loss of fishing rods while using the RAILBLAZA Rod Holder is not covered by warranty.

  • Safely store your rods with the Rod Holder R
  • Compatible with spinning, baitcaster, and fly reels
  • Fits into any RAILBLAZA StarPort mounting system
  • Made from rugged fibreglass-reinforced plastic with stainless steel mounting hardware
Parts Included:

1 x Rod Holder R


Material Composition
UV-Stabilised Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic

Rod Holder R Overview

KEEP YOUR RODS SAFE - The Rod Holder R is the perfect way to keep your rods safe while you're out fishing. It fits into any RAILBLAZA StarPort mounting system, so it's easy to install and use.

MADE FROM RUGGED FIBREGLASS-REINFORCED PLASTIC - The Rod Holder R is made from tough fibreglass-reinforced plastic, so it won't get damaged easily no matter what the weather conditions are like. Plus, it comes with stainless steel mounting hardware, so you can be sure it will last for years to come.

FITS SPINNING, BAITCASTING, AND FLY REELS - The Rod Holder R fits spinning reels, baitcaster reels, and fly reels, so you can use it with whichever type of reel you prefer. And because it has a stretchable strap that wraps around the top and bottom of the rod, it will fit any size reel.

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Rod Holder R


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    Good product

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    Seems pretty durable will know more in the spring when I’m back out on the water trolling for walleye