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Is it the fact that our mounts are designed and built in New Zealand by people who take boating seriously? The simple versatility of our StarPort™ mounts? Our products’ ability to take your boating game to the next level without breaking the bank? Yes, yes — and yes.

At RAILBLAZA, we know water. Our crew is committed to bringing you diverse, durable and user-friendly mounting systems and accessories that not only enhance your outings, but make life easier. (They’re great on dry land, too.) Take a look around, find your next upgrade and hold everything.

TracLoader 45° Accessories

Your Boat has a 45-degree gunnel track.  The Tracloader 45 accessory mount fits directly to your tracks so you will able to use any StarPort accessories in minutes! Tool-free, universal fit for your compatible boat using TracLoader StarPort 45.




Choose Your 45 Degree TracLoader Base

Accessories On Gunnel Tracks for Your Aluminum Fishing Boat


Are you an avid fisherman or do you know someone who is? If so, then this product is for you! It’s time to upgrade your fishing game with RAILBLAZA’s Tracloader StarPorts and accessories. This mounting base allows tool-free installation of accessories on the gunnel tracks of most aluminum fishing boats including Tracker VersaTrack, Crestliner Suremount, Lund Sport Trak, Lowe Boats, Princecraft PrinceTrak, Xpress Boats, War Eagle, G3, Ranger, and Alumacraft Boats. Get ready for a more convenient and efficient fishing experience!


What Are Gunnel Tracks?

Gunnel tracks are grooved channels that line the edge of a boat's gunwale. The mounting base is designed to fit into these channels without the need for tools or additional hardware. This makes it easier to add RAILBLAZA accessories to your boat in order to customize it according to your needs. These accessories include drink holders, storage caddies, phone holders and fish finders and more!


The Benefits Of RAILBLAZA’s Tracloader StarPorts & Accessories:

Tracloader StarPorts offer a variety of benefits for fishermen such as; easy installation (no tools required!), a wide selection of accessories that can be used for any application (fishing rod holders, navigation lights, camera mounts etc.), adjustable positioning (you can move the mounting port to whichever side best suits your needs), and versatility (it works with most aluminum fishing boats with gunnel tracks). Additionally, if your boat does not have gunnel track you can simply add our TracLoader Gunnel Track to give your boat the versatility of Tracloader StarPorts.


Are you ready to take your fishing game up a notch? RAILBLAZA’s Tracloader StarPorts are the perfect solution for tool-free installation of accessories on all types of aluminum fishing boats! With features such as easy installation and adjustable positioning - there's no doubt that this product will make all your fishing dreams come true! So don't wait any longer - get yourself some RAILBLAZA Tracloader StarPorts today!

TracLoader 45 Accessories