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Stabicraft boat gets blazed-up with RAILBLAZA Rod Holders

August 15th, 2018 | Railblaza Team

Adam Bergman Blazed Stabi Craft Covered in RAILBLAZA Accessories

RAILBLAZA fan, Adam Bergman kitted out his new Stabicraft 1850 Frontier with a whole “boat load” of RAILBLAZA gear (excuse the pun). 

Adam Bergman writes to us saying:

“I used to have a Quintrex offshore 6.5 but traded it for the Stabicraft. I’m no longer interested in big game offshore fishing, it’s more about taking the kids out for a fish. Stabicraft make an awesome boat, I’ve always liked the nice arrow pontoons on the Stabicraft. RAILBLAZA Rod Holders have added a lot of flexibility to my setup.

I first saw Stabicraft on The Ultimate Fishing Show with Matt Watson, and realised these boats had everything I was looking for in a fishing boat, especially if I chucked some RAILBLAZA on it, so off I headed to Webbe Marine, and Ash there sold me the perfect package.

Most of the time I’m out fishing for estuary species, it’s great to head out with the kids and come home with snapper, kingfish, southern calamari, and all the other species around Wollongong. Having the RAILBLAZA TracPort system with rod holders is awesome. I can store all the rods tidily when I’m towing the boat, then convert the rod storage into a flexible horizontal rod holder solution for different styles of fishing, and the best bit is to change them over only takes a minute.

The interchangeability aspect of RAILBLAZA is one of the best for moving things around the boat. And cleaning all the attachments is very easy. All the different attachments make the boat look neat and covers all equipment carried securely ie: G-Holds for the gaff & net, Mobi phone holder and the built in charger in the E-Series StarPort is excellent. Also the attachment adapter I’ve ued to hold my UE Boom portable Bluetooth speaker means it’s always in a safe spot.

The little bit of time taken to research available boat accessories and the quality of them RAILBLAZA stood out and beyond to their competitors – you can possibly alter anything to fit their mounting system to make the vessel easier and neater to use. Keep up the great work and once again great product wish you guys all the success.

Adam Bergman Blazed Stabi Craft, featuring 5 RAILBLAZA Rod Holders Adam Bergman Blazed Stabi Craft showing a whopping 10 Rod Holders

Our Rod Holders feature on Adam’s StabiCraft repeatedly,  and as we all know – you can never have too many. Adam says they add a lot of flexibility to his rig, allowing you to keep many lines in the water at once, waiting for the first bites.  All three of the RAILBLAZA Rod Holders are fully adjustable 360° around and over 90° vertically, perfect for all angles.  They also have the innovative drop-down gimbal at the base – flipping the strap down allows you to keep your fishing pole high and dry, otherwise you can open the gimbal, and push your fishing rod all the way into the end of the tube. 

Our three RAILBLAZA Rod Holder Products;

The Rod Holder II,  the best all-round fishing pole accessory – suitable for spinning reels, bait casting reels, boat reels and fly reels. The Rod Holder II is robust and versatile, with a rotating collar to help lock your rod into place while unattended, preventing the cheeky buggars from stealing your gear.  

The Rod holder R, which is the lighter duty version of the Rod Holder II. This is a more compact accessory, suitable for fresh water and inshore fishing – not trolling for large fish. The stretchable strap at the front of the holder will wrap around and hold your rod in place to prevent ‘strike theft’, similar to the rotating collar lock described above.

The Rod Tube has been designed to answer a lot of requests from customers who were wanting a simple fishing rod holder for boats and kayaks, while keeping their reels elevated and clear of waves and splash.

Adam Bergman Blazed Stabi Craft featuring 2 Rod Holders and also two E Series USB Star Ports 

Also frequently used are our E-Series USB Starports. Whether for a mobile phone or a portable speaker, we’ve got you covered. Music is a great way to keep you upbeat on those slow-catch days, but running out of battery doesn’t need to be a concern any longer!

                 Before: Quintrex 6.5  -   After: Stabicraft 1850 Frontier

 Adam Bergman Quintrex Adam Bergman StabiCraft RAILBLAZA Rod Holders