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Solo camping on deserted island – Catch and Cook kayak fishing adventure – with Andy's Fishing

November 09th, 2020 | Railblaza Team

The idea of packing up your kayak and getting away from everything in the world for a solo camping adventure on an exclusive island sounds very appealing, right?

Well that’s just what RAILBLAZA pro team member Andy shares with us in his latest YouTube episode “Solo camping on a deserted island – Catch and Cook adventure – with Ocean Kayak – Monster Fish” 

I paddle to a deserted island in my ocean kayak for a solo camping adventure where I catch and cook some delicious fish. I also capture a big Golden Trevally, a nice Coral Trout and a Monster Giant Trevally aka GT. I have a fire on the beach and sleep in a tent on this desert island. Get lost in the adventure and watch the FULL Video adventure below 

Andy is using the RAILBLAZA Camera Boom 600 R-Lock to capture most of the adventure from his kayak. If you have captures some great adventures like this using your camera Booms make sure we know about it so we can share it around. Either tag #railblaza #holdeverything on social or just send us a message with the link, photos or videos… we love them all. Our social links below.

The RAILBLAZA Camera Boom 600 R-Lock is the best GoPro mount for your kayak, canoe, bass boat, yacht and/or other marine vessel. It’s not going to end well if you take a selfie stick out on the water, which is exactly why we decided to make the extremely versatile Camera Boom 600.  Find out more HERE

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Solo camping on a deserted island – Catch and Cook adventure – with Ocean Kayak – Monster Fish EP.504

Find out more about Andy here in his or team bio