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Outfitting Graeme Sinclairs Gone Fishin, Surtees 6.7 Game Fisher boat

August 30th, 2014 | Railblaza Team

We were recently given the great honour of meeting Graeme Sinclair and outfitting his new season Surtees 6.7 Game Fisher boat. As many of you may know Graeme’s show “Gone Fishin” is NZ longest standing fishing show with world acclaim. Graeme and RAILBLAZA owner Ross Pratt recently got together to chat about how the RAILBLAZA mounts and accessories could benefit Graeme on his new season boat.


Graeme quickly identified this clever piece of kiwi ingenuity was worth getting behind and had huge scope for his latest Surtees boat. Next visit to Graeme’s place was to outfit the new Surtees 6.7 with a range of mounts and accessories, one of the big appeals for Graeme and his camera man was the camera mount options. For this we fitted the boat with a number of RailMount 19-25 which would allow for the camera guys to re-position cameras to a variety of positions with little effort required using our Pro series boom mounts.


These images are just a few of the position’s we have mounted our products to the Gone Fishin boat… from Mobi device holder and Screen Grabba/ iPad & Tablet holder in the cabin to StowPod’s on the bait board to keep tackle organised.  Graeme and his team are currently filming for next season so we wont see the gear in action until the 2015 season airs..


(Graeme is a proud Crusaders supporter as is reflected in his iPhone case here in our Mobi device holder)

When Graeme spotted the camera booms he quickly recognized that they could also be used to capture footage from the quad motorbike. as you will see in the pics below we have mounted the Pro series Camera Boom on the front bull bar using our Railmount 32-41 kits and braced it using StarPort Extenders and a 35mm G-Hold (the brace will eliminate some of the vibration when using the camera boom 600 like this)… Endless possibilities with the RAILBLAZA system.

GraemeSinclair4     GraemeSinclair3

The Ultimate Hunter Gatherers Shed!

While we were visiting Graeme gave us a tour of his place and one stand out part of the house was his “shed” WOW what a hunter gatherers dream to have a place to chill with friends! , we are definitely hoping for an invite to the next party …

GraemeSinclair5     GraemeSinclair8

GraemeSinclair7     GraemeSinclair6