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Mounting Rod Holder To Your Motorcycle For Fly Fishing, Shetland UK

March 06th, 2014 | Railblaza Team

Tom Jenkinson from Shetland, UK sent in these pics of how he is re-tasking his RAILBLAZA Rod holder II from his Kaskazi Dorado11 fishing kayak to his Honda Varadero dual-sport motorcycle . In these pics you will see Tom has mounted the Railmount 19-25mm to the Honda rail and can simply remove his Rod holder II from the StarPort on the kayak into the Railmount.

motorcycle     motorcycle2

Why ?

When not fishing in his kayak, Tom likes to do a bit of fly fish for sea trout, wild brown trout and other species in sea lochs, fresh water lochs and also fish using a spinning rod lures at sea land based location. Here’s what he had to say when we asked why he had mounted the Railmount to his Honda

“I go on dirt tracks with the bike and get to locations the car will not go. It gives me the freedom to have the rod all set up on the bike when fishing more than one location. The setup is handy when riding past a trout lake/loch and see trout rising the rod is ready. If I wanted to make the rod even more secure I could add a StarPort to the rear carry box on the side and fit either the Eye25 or Webeye to allow the rod tip to run through and hold it in place.” Tom Jenkinson, Shetland UK

motorcycle3     motorcycle4

motorcycle5     motorcycle6

This is yet another great example of how versatile the RAILBLAZA system is, how easy it is the re-task accessories from one vehicle or application to another, offering a unique solution to a problem. Next on the wish list for Tom is the Pro Series Camera boom so he can mount a camera to the Honda or the Kayak to capture the action from his fishing adventures.. Look out for more from Tom in the near future as it warms up over there in Shetland. Tom buys all his RAILBLAZA from the experts at the Kayak Fishing Shack in East Yorkshire

To find out more about the products used in Tom’s set up head over to our Product Gallery

motorcycle7     motorcycle9