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DIY Kayak Fishing

Mounting downrigger to kayak for trout fishing using RAILBLAZA

March 17th, 2014 | Railblaza Team

Early last week we were contacted by local kayak fisherman Karl Pereira (President Northland kayak Fishing Club ) looking for assistance in a DIY project he was working on, for his new fishing kayak. RAILBLAZA CEO & designer Ross Pratt was on hand to assist Karl in the project and point him in the right direction for the RAILBLAZA parts needed to get the job done. Below is Karl’s email asking the question, the images below show the solution to fitting his down-rigger using RAILBLAZA gear Karl can now get out and troll the local lakes for some NZ trout. … another successful DIY project!


Email from Karl Pereira begins ” I have been downrigging in the Viking Profish 440  for some time with good results. I have basically made a platform/shelf which both the downrigger and rod holder attach to and utilised both starboard rod holders by inserting pipe then attached it underneath the shelf with added wood supports. The whole unit just slides in and out of the rod holders, however this is not possible with the new Viking Profish Reload as it only has one rod holder.

My idea is to attach two of the larger diameter Railblaza RailMounts  to the starboard rail/handle and in turn attach two corresponding StarPort Adapters to the platform/shelf which in turn will fit into the RailMounts. I’m not sure how snug a fit the shelf would be with the Railblaza attachments, I appreciate your help and advice on this”

Many thanks.

Karl Pereira

President Northland kayak Fishing Club

Manager New Zealand Black Hooks Fishing Team

DIY Solution only days later

  1. First step was to fit two RAILBLAZA RailMount 32-41 to the side handle with a little extra packing inside each RailMount as the Reload handle rail is a 28mm tube
  2. Build a suitable platform with vertical and lateral support, fit two StarPort adapter mounts to the platform
  3. The finished product all set to rock and role. I just need to get out on the lakes now!!!

trout-fishing2     trout-fishing3