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Installing A Power Pole & Electric Motor To Hobie Mirage 11S

November 15th, 2019 | Railblaza Team

Living in an apartment in Stockholm,  storage is a major issue if you want to own a fishing kayak, fishing boat or Fishing SUP. Customer Ross Keorffer Seward found that the best way around this was to get an inflatable Hobie Mirage 11S for the fact that it can easily roll up into a bag for storage.  A little info on the Hobie Mirage 11S below from the manufacturer.


“Ideal for quick trips after work, or jetting to another continent (while escaping most airline oversize baggage fees). Throw an optional H-Crate in the back, grab a fishing rod and enjoy kayak fishing. It packs plenty of stability into its low profile design. Plus a fin is provided, to assist when tracking is needed. Yet fully featured, with Hobie’s MirageDrive 180 + Kick-Up Fins, supremely adjustable Vantage CTi Seating System and the fingertip control of the Twist and Stow Rudder.

The next challenge for Ross was to rig it up with a Power Pole Micro Anchor & Bixpy Jet Motor  which is where RAILBLAZA RIBPort Mounts come in to help.

Installing the Power-Pole Micro

To ensure a solid mount Ross attached 3 x RIBPort Mounts to the front of the Hobie 11S, easily glued for this installation.  To attach the Power-Pole he added a length of the TracPort and StarPort Adaptors along with TracPort  TracNuts with mounting plates for the Pole and battery unit. This system is now completely removable with the easy to use StarPort slidelocks.


Power Pole Micro rigged and ready for action 


Installing the Bixpy Jet – Electric Motor to the Hobie Mirage 11S

The Bixpy jet motor is the lightest motor and battery solution for paddle sports use weighing less the 5kgs and was the perfect choice for this set up given there is already a lot of weight added to the Hobie with the Power Pole, Mirage drive and other fishing essentials.


Again the use of the RIBPort mounts to attach the RAILBLAZA motor bracket was perfect. Ross has used 3 x RIBPorts in this installation for extra security but 2 would suffice as the motor bracket kit comes with attachments to suit a 2 StarPort mounting option.  Bixpy has a transom adaptor bracket that can easily clamp to the transom on the motor bracket.

The great thing is they can all be removed and the Hobie can still be rolled up and placed in its bag for easy storage,  this set up really does show that anything is possible and if you want to adventure on the water, compact living spaces cant stop you – Thanks Ross for sharing this awesome set up !  Links  to products used listed below 


RAILBLAZA Products Used in this install

Power pole Micro

Bixpy Jet Motor

Ross gets this rig to and from the launch spot using the C-Tug SandTrakz Cart 

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