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How To Spool Spinning Reel : Ott DeFoe

March 11th, 2021 | Railblaza Team

“There’s a lot of ways out there that you can spool a spinning rod,  I’ve learned a few little tips over the years that help me when I’m spooling up a spinning rod and I want to share these with you” Ott DeFoe, Ott’s Garage Tips 

Do you use backing?

The number one question, I get asked and it’s a Yes, I use backing on all of my reels.  So much of my spinning reel fishing is with braided line and a fluorocarbon leader but 10lb braided line is really fine so you will waste a lot of it if you fill to the very bottom of your spool with just 10lb braid.

I will start on the spool with 30lb braid as its a bigger diameter than 10 and will eat up more space on the spool quickly (You could also use some old 10-14lb fluorocarbon). Spools like the platinum spinning reel I am using here have gauge lines on them to indicate how much line is on the spool so fill to the first line otherwise you can make the judgement to something like ¼-1/3.

TIP: Stop the braid from slipping by using tape

A really big tip if you’re putting braided line directly onto the spool of your spinning reel or bait caster is to use a little piece of tape to stick the start of your braid to the spool (any tape, I use a 1” piece of electrical tape).  Not only does that hold the end, when you make the first couple wraps it lays across that tape it can’t slip back through, if you just tie a braided line directly to the spool it’s always going to want to slip a little bit.

Next, I tie Bass Pro hyper braid 10-pound test in yellow for my main line I use a very simple knot for this because I never intend on getting down to this knot while I’m fishing so I just lay those two lines together and I tie an overhand knot which is going to hold enough to get that line started, now I go ahead and fill the rest of the spool to suit my needs. If you’r fishing all the way down to your backing then you should tie something like an FG knot.

If you want to see how Ott DeFoe ties an FG knot then check out that video below .

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