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How To Get The Best Photos From Your Belly Boat

September 11th, 2020 | Railblaza Team

Thomas & Holger from Percherry are very well known for capturing the best photos of their fish from the belly boats. In this short blog they share a couple of tips that will help you get the best pictures to share

How do you take pictures on the Bellyboat?

The fish of life deserves to be presented in the right light. Great photos on the bellyboat are anything but easy.
All you need for the perfect picture is the following:
This combination enables simply incredible photos. The Camera Boom 600 allows you to get the correct height and with the R-Lock adjustable joints, you can easily set to get a level horizon. The friction joint at the bottom of the boom makes it easy to swing the camera closer to set the timer for a photo then swing it back into place for the shot! 
The GoPro can be set to film or take photos in regular intervals, either way you can go back through and choose the right image. The phone offers a clearer close up image option 
If you are interested in the Smartphone Adapter, leave us a message on FB or IG – find our social links in the Pro Team bio links below

Good Light and Clean Lens

It goes without saying after the mount to hold your cameras is sorted then next 2 most important things are to be aware of the suns position, always if possible make sure it is facing you, taking the effort to reposition your belly boat for better light will result in a fantastic image without shadows.

Pay attention to the lens for water or dirt and always carry a dry cloth somewhere to wipe the lens if it does get water on it.  Smile – don’t forget to smile…after all fishing is meant to be relaxing and fun, your photo should make people want to be there where you are!


Before you share your image take a moment to do some basic editing. Cropping the image even subtly can bring the viewer into the story more then if you appear far away as you can when using a GoPro in wide-angle for the image. Sometimes adding a filter can enhance your image and make it pop that little more. This can all be done on the phone using any app you decide to choose, there are many and most of the free versions allow fantastic edit capability…remember simple is better, getting to fancy with filters and adjustments can take away from the image and the moment.

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Who Is Percherry ? 

We at Percherry specialize in catching perch from the belly boat. Perch is our great passion. So we have been able to catch specimens well over the magic limit of 50cm. We have already caught fishes of 54cm, 55cm and 56cm and hold the current Dutch perch record with 56,5 cm and 3,05 kg

We are also working with Float Plus to further develop and promote the electric drive for belly boats and develop innovative products for the bellyboat sector. We also put together an annual competition team and have been able to achieve the following successes since 2018:  

Find out more about us and see our social links by clicking on the bio images below