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How to fit a Fishfinder to a kayak or canoe with the RAILBLAZA Kayak & Canoe Sounder Base & Transducer Mount

March 13th, 2015 | Railblaza Team

The Kayak & Canoe Sounder & Transducer Mount Kit has been developed for kayak anglers needing an easy way to install and remove fish finders/sounders. With this kit you can install and uninstall your fishfinder/sounder in a matter of seconds, no messy adhesives or excessive drilling of fittings required. With our extensive selection of base mounts, this kit can be adapted to fit any kayak or canoe. We also have a large range of Fishfinder base mounts to choose from to suit the brand or size of your fishfinder – you can read more on those fishfinder base mounts HERE

How to fit a fishfinder to your kayak with RAILBLAZA08

The Kayak & Canoe Sounder & Transducer Mount offers a unique advantage for kayaks or canoes that do not have a transducer scupper,  now the transducer will be in the water giving 100% true reading rather than reading through the hull. If you need to get the transducer deeper in the water simply add an extension, if you entering shallow water the factory set friction joints will allow you to lift the transducer out of harm’s way.

How to fit a fishfinder to your kayak with RAILBLAZA09

This mount can be completely removed with one click of the StarPort slide lock,  protecting your sounder when in transport, when using the kayak for other activities or when you need to transfer the sounder to another kayak or canoe.

How to fit a fishfinder to your kayak with RAILBLAZA11

The Kayak & Canoe Sounder & Transducer Mount (02-4060-11)

Ideal if you want to remove the whole sounder unit and transducer.  Comprised of the following components:

  • SwivelPort
  • Adjustable Knuckle joint (not available as a separate part)
  • Fixed StarPort Extender
  • Cheek mount adaptor (not available as a separate part)
  • Rotating Platform (fishfinder base mount)
  • Cable Ties

How to fit a fishfinder to your kayak with RAILBLAZA08

The Kayak/Canoe Transducer Arm (02-4061-11)

Ideal if you only need to remove the transducer or have the sounder unit permanently mounted.  Comprised of the following components:

  • SwivelPort
  • Adjustable Knuckle joint (not available as a separate part)
  • Fixed StarPort Extender
  • Cheek mount adaptor (not available as a separate part)
  • Cable Ties


Select a mount

The first step you will need to make is choosing the correct RAILBLAZA mounts we have illustrated options in the images below which have been trialled extensively by our field agents and proven very effective in all situations.

TracMount option

For kayaks or canoes with Trac systems like Native Watercraft, Hobie kayaks, Wilderness systems, FeelFree kayaks and others the following mounts are best suited and will require no drilling into your kayak or canoe. The added benefit to this system is the mounts & kit can be moved to either side of the kayak easily.

For the Sounder head unit mounted to the Rotating platform you will need a StarPort HD & StarPort HD TracMount kit. This is a completely tool less option, easily position the mount in the track. For the Transducer mount you will need a SidePort & StarPort TracMount Pack. Again easily fitted and positioned anywhere in the track. Both the StarPort HD TracMount kit & StarPort TracMount Pack have been designed to fit most track systems including Wilderness, Harmony, Yak Attack, Yak Gear and others.

03-4046-11-StarPort-HD-TQ-angle-150px-150x1421-150x142 (1) SP-HD-TRACMOUNT-KIT-150 03-4014-XX_150-150x1421-150x142 STARPORT-TRACMOUNT-KIT-150

Need to get the transducer deeper

If you find the transducer needs more length to get deeper in the water, in particular if your using side imaging and need to shoot clear of the hull you can simply add extensions as required. Here are some product options for extensions. Small increments use the Swivel Port, for longer increments use either the fixed StarPort Extender or Adjustable StarPort extender.


Kayaks or Canoes without Track

There are endless ways to adapt this to any kayak or canoe,  these descriptions and images are just a few of the more common uses we have found.

How to fit a fishfinder to your kayak with RAILBLAZA16

Select a mount

As per the TracMount options you will need to select the mounts for the job, in most cases these will be permanently mounted either using the stainless hardware supplied in each mount or hardware of your choice.

The above example uses the same mounts used in the Track option fitting a StarPort HD & SidePort directly to the gunwales.  In situations where you do not have internal access to use a nut and washer options we suggest the use of rubber well nuts as a more solid fixture.

How to fit a fishfinder to your kayak with RAILBLAZA18

Many fishing kayaks have useful centre storage wells, as demonstrated in the above image you may prefer to have the sounder head unit mounted centrally. In this option you would mount the sounder head unit fitted to Rotating Platform (fishfinder base) direct to the centre well lid using either a  StarPort or StarPort HD or just mount it direct to the lid. The Transducer Mount can be fitted in a few different ways…

How to fit a fishfinder to your kayak with RAILBLAZA21

This is where the versatility of the RAILBLAZA accessories can be utilised to the maximum. If you need more extension to get the Transducer Mount Kit  over the side of the kayak, keeping it level,  then the addition of another SwivelPort might be all you need. If you prefer to use a StarPort or StarPort HD you simply add an Adjustable StarPort Extender to get the transducer over the side of the kayak. You can then re-task that StarPort mount for other accessories when not using it for the transducer.

How to fit a fishfinder to your kayak with RAILBLAZA05

Using the kit in conjunction with our TracPort system as pictured above is another ideal way to keep your workstation compact and tidy.


Endless possibilities

As you can see the applications for the Kayak & Canoe Sounder & Transducer Mount are endless…If you have any feedback we would love to hear it, send us an email through our contact page HERE. Please  share this around and sign up to our newsletter so you can stay updated with any new products and helpful tips from RAILBLAZA.  Follow us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM & YOUTUBE

Find  dealer

Where does the battery go…

As there are many different battery storage options available on the market we have left this one to the individual to find or make the best solution for the occasion. There are off the shelf battery storage options supplied by many manufacturers as pictured below as an example.

Or you can make you own customer battery box or storage solution. The addition of a StarPort adaptor to many DIY solutions has meant the battery box can be mounted on the deck and made completely removable. We have a range of specialised dealers around the world who can offer solutions for your needs. If you don’t know of any in your area please send us an email and we will try to assist in finding some advice for you.

How to fit a fishfinder to your kayak with RAILBLAZA13