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Kayak Fishing

Hobie Kayak H-Crate Rod Storage, Tackle Storage & More Upgrades

March 16th, 2022 | RAILBLAZA

There is no doubt the Hobie H-Crate is one extremely useful accessory to add to your Hobie kayak. The H-Crate also lends itself to some very easy upgrades to add fishing rod storage, tackle storage and more. In the video below we share a few of these ideas that will enhance the H-Crate and your kayak fishing experience. All products used in this installation are listed below. 

RAILBLAZA Products Used In This Install

RodStow Double 

The RodStow double combines rod storage and tackle storage in one. Whilst the Hobie H-Crate comes with 4 rod holders each of those are placed on the corners of the H-Crate. Often the rods in thos rod holders can get in th eway if on your casting side or the rear ones are too far away to reach.

By adding the RodStow Double to one side of the H-Crate you can both keep your casting area free form catching a rod behind you and keep all rods and nets at easier reach. Rodstow is available in a single, double or triple option, all of which will work on the H-Crate. 

Tackle Caddy Console

The Tackle Caddy is the perfect place for storing tackle boxes, lures, pliers and other essentials you need to keep at easy reach but away from the cockpit.  It serves great on the H-Crate as a place to put back up softplastic packets, scent, spare leader, sunblock and spare tackle in smaller boxes.  


  • Holds 2 x Plano 3400 series Original Stowaway tackle boxes or similar
  • Slots for pliers, keys, lures, phones, VHF’s, binoculars, drink bottles, sunblock, mugs & much more…
  • Supplied as a kit, easy to assemble
  • UV resistant material

RailMount 32-41 with H-Rail Insert

RailMount 32-41 boat rail and Hobie kayak mount that attaches and securely using only a screwdriver, this mount will hold all RAILBLAZA accessories and is particularly useful on your Hobie H-Crate for the Kayak Visibility Kit or Camera Booms 600.

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