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Fyran 600 Horizon GT RAILBLAZA Fit Out

May 27th, 2014 | Railblaza Team

In this RAILBLAZA feature fit out we have rigged a 6m Fyran, 600 Horizon GT, with a range of our accessories. First step was to establish which mounts we could use, with so many large flat surfaces the install was pretty straight forward using StarPorts, there were also several options to fit 19-25mm RailMounts around the Fryan.


The Fyran belongs to the guys at Fishing Reports NZ and they have supplied us with a variety of images taken from them out using our system out on the water in their fishing and diving sessions. See the bottom of this blog post for a full list and links to the accessories used on this boat

We just can’t get enough of the RAILBLAZA system, the versatility allows us to configure the boat differently depending on what activities we are doing on each trip. It also means we can secure a lot of gear in the cockpit area keeping it close at hand but without things getting messy and in the way. Fishing Reports NZ

The Fit out

Starting in the cockpit we have 2 x 19-25mm RailMounts fitted to the hand rail on the dash, this way we avoided having to drill any holes on the dash and could use these 2 positions for a variety of accessories. Ideal for Mobile device holders like the Mobi & Screen Grabba as pictured below. Other uses for this area are Camera booms and StowPod.


Inside the Cabin we have mounted 2 StarPorts to allow for items such as the StowPod and the ScreenGrabba, when the kids have had enough of fishing for the day this is the ideal place to mount the tablet for them to watch a movie.


Cabin bow rails make and ideal place to mount camera boom 600 for a hands free angle filming down the side of the boat catching all the action, great if you are limited for spare hands to run cameras, you can pretty much create the video on your own.


Starport pairs mounted to the gunnels at 200mm centers and  RailMount pairs also mounted to 200mm centers allows for re-positioning of the Fillet Table and TracPort dash 500 to 5 different areas of the boat.

fyran5     fyran6

Traditionally the Fillet Table would be mounted to the rear gunnel but in this set up you can move it to the side of the boat or in this case the guys are using 2 Fillet Tables, 1 for bait and one as a work station for lures or even as a cooker / food prep surface.


StarPorts are also mounted vertically inside the cockpit to allow for accessories like StowPod to be positioned off the gunnels and for G-Holds when needing secure storage for items like nets, gaffs and spearguns for example

The accessories

Rod Holder II – With such a variety of StarPorts mounts the options for Rod placement are endless and can be easily repositions to suit. The addition of the Swivel Port into the Rod Holder II  gives even more flexibility

fyran9     fyran10

fyran11     fyran12

Fillet table II – as explained above this can be positioned to 5 different positions on the Fyran because of the StarPort & RailMount pairs being set to 200mm centers. In most cases this is used in conjunction with the Fixed Extenders but can be used without if you don’t require the extra height.

fyran13     fyran14

fyran15     fyran16

Mobi & Screen Grabba -  both great accessories to secure your mobile devices like VHF & Mobile phones. The Screen Grabba is used to hold the iPad on this boat when it is used in conjunction with the Lowrance HDS9 sounder which has a wifi option allowing to view and control the sounder from the app on the iPad…when drift fishing of the back of the boat they position the Screen Grabba at the back of the boat.

fyran17     fyran18

fyran19     fyran20

StowPod -  simply put this accessory keeps your smaller items organized, in particular on this boat they have mounted a SidePort and StarPort to the Fillet Table II that is used as a work surface. This allows the attachment of 2 StowPods which means tackle, line, tools etc can all be kept in easy reach while rigging up. Also great for items when using as a cooking or food prep surface. They can be repositioned anywhere on the boat and have 2 mounting options which can be adjusted easily using only a screw driver.

fyran21     fyran22

Camera Booms -  CameraBoom 600 Pro Series & Platform Boom 150 Pro Series are very much key accessories for this boats so that they can capture the action on every trip. With such a variety of mounting options every angle can be captured and all can be done hands free once cameras are rolling. The addition of the Telepole to get extra height also works well for filming.

fyran23     fyran25     fyran24

RAILBLAZA Nav Lights  -  LED Navilight 360 White & LED Navilight Port/Starboard make for great cockpit lighting when fishing at night as well as for safety. Simply position in any of the StarPort mounts around the boat and use with the Telepole.

fyran26     fyran27

G-Holds – when needing to secure items like nets, gaffs and spearguns for example, the G-Holds are ideal accessories that can be added to any of the StarPort mounts.

FlagPole – simply plug it into any StarPort when diving.


Links to all the mounts and accessories used in this fit out –


RailMount 19-25

Rod Holder II


Fillet Table II


Platform Boom 150 Pro Series

CameraBoom 600 Pro Series

StarPort Extenders


ScreenGrabba iPad Holder

Mobi Universal Mobile Device Holder

LED Navilight 360 White

LED Navilight Port/Starboard

TracPort Dash 500