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Fishing Tip: Fishing Creeks For Australian Bass

May 21th, 2019 | Railblaza Team

RAILBLAZA Pro Staffer  Scott Bryant shares some insights on targeting Australian Bass in the skinny water. 

We’ve all had those days where the weathers not right or it’s a bit windy to fish our usual spots but when that happens it doesn’t mean you still can’t go fishing.

For me, these are the days I turn to the local creeks and the skinny waters. With a bit of research and the help of the internet, you can quite often find some hidden away little places to drag your kayak down and still wet a line.

My creek setup, simple yet effective.

Creek fishing for me is all about simplicity. You don’t need loads of gear, an expensive kayak or a flash sounder (or one at all) to fish these areas. 1 or 2 rods, 1 tackle box and a basic paddle kayak will get you out there and onto the fish.

If I’m looking to fish somewhere new or different to then the internet is my first stop, It’s amazing what you can find by checking out online maps and photos. For me, it also helps get some insight into the areas I may be fishing, what the waterway has to offer and the best places to launch my Hobie Quest kayak.


Perfect location, laydown trees and weeded banks.

Once I’m on the water it’s all about finding the fish. Unlike fishing dams and open waters where you use your sounder to find schools or underwater structure, this becomes more visual, looking for rocky banks, fallen trees and weed edges. See a tree, cast at it, see a rocky outcrop then cast at that too as these are the places the fish like to hide. This is all about fishing what you can see.

You want to be casting as close to these snaggy areas and weed edges as you can so weedless lures like worm hook rigged plastics, spinnerbaits and skirted jigs are my go-to lures in these places but crankbaits and jerkbaits worked off the edges will still account for the occasional fish.

Skirted jig munching bass pulled out of a laydown tree

I’ll like to up my line class to 10-12lb main and leader as I’m fishing tight to structure and these fish know where home is so they’ll do their best to get back there so remember to keep that drag tight.

So next time the weathers a bit average but you still want to get out and wet a line jump online and have a look around, you never know what you might find.

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