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Easy Fit & Removal Boat Trailer Light Solution : Andrew Gault, DIY

April 22th, 2021 | Railblaza Team

Andrew Gault, Ireland based RAILBLAZA pro team member was getting fed up with the light board on the back of his 19ft king Fisher Boat (builder: Chris Mc Alinden).

“Every time I needed to put the boat in the water I needed to lift the engine and unscrew the 2 bolts that kept it in place when travelling from home or to the water. “ 

So I set about to make a better and easy to use solution using the RAILBLAZA StarPort Attachment Adaptors and the StarPort Mounts already fitted to my 19ft Kingfisher. As you can see from the pictures below it’s a very simple and easy way to make sure every turn signals is visible to other road users which is paramount.

So when at the slipway all I need to do is unlock the slidelock on each StarPort, which takes seconds, to unlock and the lights are removed and stored, I can the repurpose those StarPort mounts for rod holders, camera mounts or any of the many RAILBLAZA accessories. 

Why not put lights on the trailer?

there are two reasons,  1st reason is the light would be to close to the middle of the boat and not fully visible and the boat is 19ft long but when on the car it is a total of 24/25 foot. The 2nd reason is that to get a bracket made to fix on the trailer would have occurred more cost and drilling holes into a galvanized trailer which in my eyes is not the best thing to be doing. It’s a thing that is better fitted when the trailer is being manufactured at the start and not when the trailer is a couple of years old.

Attachment Adaptor

You can attach RAILBLAZA adaptors to anything you like to make them StarPort compatible, or bolt the 2 adaptors together to make a male to male fitting.
The male to male fitting has been used to create a detachable system for tubes on kayak sailor kits and outriggers. It has many other applications, enhancing the versatility of the RAILBLAZA StarPort system. Find out more HERE

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