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Is it the fact that our mounts are designed and built in New Zealand by people who take boating seriously? The simple versatility of our StarPort™ mounts? Our products’ ability to take your boating game to the next level without breaking the bank? Yes, yes — and yes.

At RAILBLAZA, we know water. Our crew is committed to bringing you diverse, durable and user-friendly mounting systems and accessories that not only enhance your outings, but make life easier. (They’re great on dry land, too.) Take a look around, find your next upgrade and hold everything.


The Ultimate All-Terrain Kayak Cart

C-Tug - The Ultimate All-Terrain Kayak Cart



If you’re looking for a durable, all-terrain cart for your canoe or kayak, then look no further than the C-TUG Cart. This innovative cart is designed to last and will get you paddling in places you never dreamed of. With its rugged appeal and incredible strength, the C-TUG is unlike any other cart in the paddle sports arena today.


The C-TUG is made of non-corroding engineered polymers and reinforced stainless steel axles that are built to last. It requires no tools for assembly and can be put together in seconds, allowing you to hit the water quickly. You can also dismantle it just as quickly so you can stow it into your canoe or kayak hatch and take it to your next destination.


The C-TUG Kayak Cart comes with high grip rubber tread puncture free wheels which means no more flat tires or hassle! When transporting your canoe or kayak, these rubberized pads allow you to rest your boat on them while moving over any terrain. Whether you’re paddling through sand, mud or grassy areas, these trolleys provide superior grip that allows you to easily maneuver even the heaviest of loads.


If you’re planning an outdoor adventure on any terrain, then the C-TUG Cart should be at the top of your list when choosing gear and equipment. Its superior design will make transporting your canoe or kayak much easier than ever before – plus its rugged and looks stylish too! With its stainless-steel reinforced axles and puncture free wheels, this cart will have no problem tackling any terrain whether wet or dry - perfect for those who enjoy exploring new areas! So why wait? Get out there with confidence knowing that your equipment is up to every challenge with this amazing product!

C-Tug R - Fit Guide


RAILBLAZA C-Tug R is the next evolution in the world's best-selling kayak cart. Compatible with all the vessels the original cart suited and more, including pontoon hulls like that on the Hobie Pro Angler, and Hobie Outback, to name a few.


Please check the table below to see if the C-Tug R is compatible with your hull as not all pontoon & cathedral style hulls are compatible. For example, Native Watercraft Slayer, Old Town Sportsman PDL 106 & 120 are not compatible. If you're still not sure then refer to the C-Tug R dimensions drawing on the product pages or reach out to our customer service team. 


Brand Model Kiwi Wheels SandTrakz
Bonafide SS Yes Yes
Bonafide SS107 Yes Yes
Bonafide SS117 Yes Yes
Hobie PA 12 Yes Yes
Hobie PA 14 Yes  Yes
Hobie  Outback Yes Yes
Hobie  Compass Yes Yes
Nu Canoe Unlimited Yes Yes
Ocean Kayak  Top Water Yes Yes
Wilderness Recon Yes Yes
Old Town  Salty PDL Yes Yes





C-Tug questions? We have the answers.

How to assemble the straps?

See our easy-to-follow C-Tug strap assembly guide HERE

How To Separate C-Tug Cart Cross Beams

Full demonstration on how to separate your C-Tug Canoe & Kayak Cart cross beams HERE

How to lock C-Tug cart wheels on

"Make It Click" how to avoid your C-Tug cart wheels from falling off, video HERE

C-Tug R Cart Assembly Guide

This video guide is a complement to the fitting instructions you will have received in your C-Tug R and includes a guide on how to assemble the straps - Video HERE

How to avoid the cart from slipping

Find the best position for the C-Tug Cart - protect kickstand & more FAQ's answered in this video guide HERE

How to lock wheel & axle to the fork of Dinghy Wheel

Step by step guide on how to correctly fit your wheel to the fork and axle of the C-Tug Dinghy Wheel - Video HERE


C-Tug - Warranty & Care Information


C-Tug products are designed for the movement of watercraft. They should never be used for the movement of people, either directly, or in or on watercraft or other objects placed on the cart.

The C-Tug is designed to be pulled manually, do not tow with any vehicle, including bicycles – this will void the warranty.



C-Tug care:

Due to the marine environments where these products may be used, we suggest the following steps to help extend the life of your C-TUG wheels:
  1. After use in salt water, sandy areas and dusty conditions, remove the wheels, disassemble and hose down with fresh water. Wash the axle area thoroughly.
  2. Do not clean with solvents or solvent based products and avoid commercial cleaning products. Fresh clean water is suitable for cleaning all C-Tug components.
  3. Do not leave your C-Tug cart or wheels in strong sunlight for extended periods. While C-Tug is designed for use outdoors but both rubber and thermoplastics will degrade if left in strong sunlight for extended periods.
  4. If your C-Tug is fitted with pneumatic tires, do not over inflate them. The recommended maximum inflation pressure is 25 PSI cold. Replace the valve stem caps after inflation

RAILBLAZA C-Tug products are robust, and designed to take the hard work out of getting your watercraft to and from the water. With reasonable care you can expect your C-Tug to serve you well for many years. C-Tug encourages users of C-Tug products to observe safe practice procedures when using products in marine environments.


C-Tug Warranty Statement:

We back up our design and workmanship with a guarantee for each C-Tug. In the event damage occurs or a problem is found just contact us and we will quickly evaluate & find a solution. Please understand that not all damage is a warranty issue, & we cannot take responsibility for a usage error.

C-Tug SandTrakz wheels are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturer’s defects, and all other C-Tug parts are guaranteed for 5 years. If a manufacturer’s defect is found, parts are replaced free of charge, you only pay for the freight. Please contact your C-Tug retailer or distributor.

If you have any queries about our commitment to after-sales service, please contact us any time.