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Belly Boat Innovation With Percherry & RAILBLAZA

July 06th, 2020 | Railblaza Team

Pro Team Percherry have truly embraced the versatility and adaptability of the RAILBLAZA system when rigging their Belly Boats (Float Tubes) for fishing. This blog we feature a couple of their very own innovations that have created quite a lot of interest in the Belly Boat market.

Hobie H-Rail Side Bar For Accessories

Currently revolutionizing the Belly Boat market is this idea created by Thomas & Holger. They have used a length of the Hobie H-rail (21″) added a pair of StarPort Attachments/Adaptors which allows the easy attachment and removal into the RIBPort StarPorts. Not only does this make it very easy to add accessories to your belly boat but you can very quickly remove the sidebar when packing down.

With the H-Rail attached you can then simply add the RailMount 31-42mm using only a screwdriver then you can add any of your favourite RAILBLAZA accessories from FishFinder Mounts, Camera Mounts, Rod Holders and much more…

Belly Boat Front Bar

The most simple solution often offers the most practical difference like this self-made removable belly boat front bar solution. By adding 2 x StarPort Adaptors to your front bar you can now simply click in or out of the QuickPort Mounts attached to your Belly Boat.

Find out more about these products here 

Hot Soup or Coffee?

Percherry has combined these great products and their innovative thinking to come up with their very own custom holder for the Jetboil. This bracket was made by them using aircraft aluminium, they have then added the StarPort Attachment/adapter to allow easy attachment and removal to the RailMount 32-41 fitted the H-Rail sidebar. 

Who Is Percherry ? 

We at Percherry specialize in catching perch from the belly boat. Perch is our great passion. So we have been able to catch specimens well over the magic limit of 50cm. We have already caught fishes of 54cm, 55cm and 56cm and hold the current Dutch perch record with 56,5 cm and 3,05 kg

We are also working with Float Plus to further develop and promote the electric drive for belly boats and develop innovative products for the bellyboat sector. We also put together an annual competition team and have been able to achieve the following successes since 2018:  

Find out more about Thomas and Holger by clicking on the Pro team Profile images below.

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