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Bass Pro Tour! Stage 3: Harris Chain of lakes, Leesburg FL

June 21th, 2021 | RAILBLAZA
In The Boat with Ott DeFoe – Back on the road for the Bass Pro Tour! Stage 3 is in Leesburg FL on the Harris Chain of lakes. I’ve only fished here a couple times with my first Elite series event ever being one of those. The dates were mid May for this event so it is a post spawn deal.  All 4 episodes are here in this blog for you to enjoy the whole journey from the 1st day shocker to take out the win on part 4

Bass Pro Tour on the Harris Chain, part 1 of 4.

In this first video part 1 of 4, I cover my travel down, practice and the first day of the event. As you’ll see, I had a tough first day of competition! I didn’t let this get me down though! You’re never out of it in the MLF format!!!

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Bass Pro Tour on the Harris Chain, part 2 of 4.

After a terrible first day I decided to make a change. I was going to stay in lake Harris all day and try to refind the shad spawn I had seen in practice. I used the 30 minute ride through to look for birds and graph some offshore. Once it was time for lines in, I went to where I had seen the most birds and started there! It turned out to be a God send!!! RAILBLAZA Mercury Marine
Watch full video below ????????????????

Whats been catching the Bass so far?

Here’s kinda a closer look to the baits that I used! One of them is still a prototype so I can’t share it quite yet  The Rapala OG Slims were a huge part of my success. I threw them on a Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Crankin’ Stick 7’MH with a Johnny Morris Platinum 6.8:1 reel outfitted with ReelGrip on XPS Fluoro 14lb. The swim jig with a BPS Speed Shad 3in for a trailer was thrown on a Johnny Morris Platinum 7’1″M with the same reel with XPS Fluoro 17lb.

In the Boat on the Bass Pro Tour Harris Chain (Part 3 of 4).

Hop in the boat for the Knockout round! 38 anglers on the water and only the top 8 move on. This is going to be a shoot out! By this time I know where I’m gonna spend a lot of my day. A big key I learned on the previous day was to make repetitive casts to the same target. This became more important all the time as we were beating on this area. Rapala OG Slim and swim jig were the deal!
Watch full video below

In the Boat on the Bass Pro Tour Harris Chain (Part 4 of 4)

Championship round on the Harris Chain in FL! Ten anglers on the water fishing for $100K!!! This is gonna be a shoot out for sure. Slim and Swim jig were the biggest players on this final day. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe!!! 
Watch full video here

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